October 2014

So a little while ago I ran into a lovely lady who is a member of my synagogue. She reported to me that she had been at a Torah study […]

This piece was originally published on the Every Girl’s Dream blog last year. But I think about it regularly when I’m paralyzed with doubt and questioning every move I make. […]

Zie gezunt

My Zayde (grandfather) was a first generation American. His parents’ families came to Ellis Island from Ukraine in 1904 and 1913 as a result of Jewish persecution – which sadly […]

Dear Me in 2003, Welcome to motherhood! This amazing gift that you have dreamed about your entire life has finally arrived. You have never in your life felt more love, […]

Yesterday was Yom Kippur – the holiest day of the Jewish year. This is the day we atone for all of the sins of the previous year – formally as […]

Dear Most Magnificent Babies, My love for you is so strong and so huge that I cannot express it in all the words in every language. Your presence in my […]