2015 – We’re Still Here…

Happy new year all!! Let the 2015 pallooza of over sharing commence! I’ve missed you all and I hope you had a wonderful holiday season whatever you were celebrating.

Here’s the list of my “New Year’s resolutions”:
1. Lose 20 pounds.
2. Be more present.
3. Be more patient with my kids.
4. Have fewer coffee cups in my car.

5. Get more sleep.

6. Eat healthier.

7. Exercise to improve thyroid function.

8. Clean every inch of my house from top to bottom paint all the rooms and organize my closets.
9.  Create a better filing system at work.
10. Increase attendance at all of my work events.
11. Be a more consistent parent.
12. Have more energy.
13. Make more time for friends.
14. Date my husband.
15. Have more sex. (Per that article “You Should Be Having Sex 37 times per Day” or maybe it just says everyday – either way.)
16. Read more.
17. Don’t fall asleep while reading.
18. Try to remember things I’ve just read.
19. Be a better person.
20. Solve all the world’s problems.
21. Wear lipstick.
22. Do more Pinterest parenting. (e.g. Anthropomorphize my children’s food more frequently.)
23. Have more play dates for my kids.
24. Help more.
25. Learn more.
26. Do my show – often. (It Runs in the Family – here’s a link).
26. Watch all the movies, listen to all the music and know everything all the time. (Completely possible with proper planning and discipline.)
27. Set attainable goals.

I’m so certain there are more. So. Many. More. Things I want to accomplish, do better. I probably won’t do many of these things. Maybe I’ll do them for a day or a week or an hour or I’ll think about doing them a lot while doing other things like eating and sleeping and working and trying to keep 3 little people alive.

But here’s what I AM doing: honoring Holocaust survivors. Connecting great artists with awesome projects. Honoring my heritage through the artists telling our stories. Telling those stories myself. Doing a play, my first musical in years in fact, about a little-known story of intolerance and violence that really happened – like so many stories from 100 years ago and 50 years ago and yesterday and hopefully not too many more tomorrows. Writing here – though not as often as I would like – your support and the responses I get are what keep me inspired to continue (over) sharing.

Our kids love going to school. They love to learn and they are independent.  They have good friends. And interests in things that excite them. They’re funny and they’re sweet and they’re compassionate. (When they aren’t screaming at each other, watching too much tv and making huge messes that they don’t clean up – didn’t want you to get the wrong idea – no perfection here).

I’m getting ready to celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary with someone whom I really like and who, most days, really likes me back. We have overcome great obstacles together. We provide a safe home for our children. We have established our own family traditions. We document their lives. We all love each other. We support each other’s weaknesses and strengths. We go new places and share new experiences. We teach our kids to value education. We have fun. We teach them gently about the injustices of the world in an attempt to make them aware of the power they possess to make the world good, to understand that everybody does not have the same kind of life that they do, to help and to be grateful (in between the yelling, exhaustion and messes).

One of my new favorite poems is by Mary Oliver it’s short but it says so much for me right now.

Instructions for living a life:
1. Pay attention
2. Be astonished
3. Write about it.

The only thing I would add to that is – and as a writing person it’s always easier for me to just observe – but I would add don’t be afraid to be fully in the world. Make choices, get involved, speak your mind, do the things you’ve wanted to do but have made you afraid. I’m always glad when I have done this.

So I guess I really just have one new year’s resolution this year and that is to spend more time focusing on the good that I’m already doing, the abundance with which I have been blessed and for which I have worked hard. I just did it. 355ish more days to go.

Happy New Year family. Remember we are ALL family.

Much love,

Xo Erin


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