Well Here We Are

  It takes me some time to formulate thoughts after a thing. I’ve put myself in this position to be a person who comments on the world but I often […]

Life won

Dear life, You win. Yes, I just drove my daughter to school wearing leopard pajamas and a hot pink terrycloth bathrobe. I’m not even ashamed and therefore I have reached […]

I Have an Incredible Body

It started out innocently enough. I was born. They counted ten fingers and ten toes. Everything appeared to be in working order. My arms were where they were supposed to […]

Fear is a Ridiculous Monster

I take such strides to face my fears. I walk fiercely into the world armed with love and I live bravely, face uncertainty, stare down self-doubt, learn to love the […]

Not How I Would Have Said It

  I LOVE a good inspirational quote. Like, for real, love them. I am addicted to motivational talks, self-help language, can-do make your dreams come true kinda stuff. So yesterday […]

So I’ve been trying and trying to get things done today and it’s just not working. I feel really failury (new word) right now. I tried to get work done. […]

Dear Favorite Chair

Dear Chair, Today I have the day off. I enjoy days off. They are theoretically days in which one does not work. This morning when sitting on you I was […]

This morning I was making a little twitter visit and I happened upon the #whenIwas tweets. Thousands of women talking about their experiences with sexism, sexual violence, aggression from men […]


  It has been such an incredible pleasure becoming a contributor over at Richmondmom.com! This awesome site is a resource for everything parenting in RVA and beyond. Please check them […]

What the hell is otherness you may be asking yourself. There she goes again – making up words. Well, it’s been working pretty well for me up to this point […]

The Internet has become inundated with “experts.” People who make their living, or at least try to, by making the most of what the worldwide web has to offer and […]

I woke up this morning and checked my Facebook notifications as has become part of my morning routine. Scrolling down I saw what seemed a strange and morbid game notification […]

Today I Took a Xanax

Today I took a Xanax. I care a little more than is probably healthy about pretty much everything. Some days I get so worried about everything being ok that I […]

Did you know that it’s hard looking stupid? Well there you go. If you didn’t know I have now informed you as such. Looking dumb, sucks. I try to avoid it […]