Tales from Otherness

What the hell is otherness you may be asking yourself. There she goes again – making up words. Well, it’s been working pretty well for me up to this point – so why stop now?

On Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 7 pm I will host another awesome collective storytelling event! The Urban Farmhouse at Scott’s Addition will once again be our home and I am so excited! We will have some incredible guests telling stories and singing songs. Every time we do this I feel so deeply connected to every person in the room. Click here to get your tickets!

Our theme is Otherness. What is Otherness? Well that’s really up to you. Is there something(s) that make you feel separate from the world? That’s Otherness.

Everyone experiences this. Some more significantly than others. And I say that the reason we feel “other” is because we don’t think people will understand or accept our experiences, our perspective, our fears, doubts, or concerns. We think the world will reject those parts of us. I say that’s probably not true. Let’s try saying it all outloud and see what happens. It’ll be an experiment. If we don’t die from saying (or singing) the painful things maybe they aren’t so bad after all – at least maybe they don’t have to be things we let hold us back. Who knows…let’s try it.

Who’s with me?

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Safe Harbor – an amazing organization helping victims of domestic abuse rebuild their lives.

Join us to laugh and cry and be together – with food and drinks of course. You know you want to.

I can’t do it alone. I mean, I guess I could, but it would be weird. So please come.



Click here to get your tickets! 

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