We are Mermaids

So a little while ago I ran into a lovely lady who is a member of my synagogue. She reported to me that she had been at a Torah study this morning with a different group than she generally studies with – they being more observant than she and in some instances that can cause discomfort – for we as humans can at times be territorial or judgmental of those whose point of view, politics or religious practices differ from our own – even within the same religion. I inquired as to whether she enjoyed it and she enthusiastically answered “Yes! Because we are Mermaids and we all swim together.”

What a nugget that was! You see this is why it’s good to talk to people other than yourself – because they are brilliant and beautiful and they can share wonderful bits of wisdom or reinforce things we know but sometimes forget. I was so excited to sit down and take a few minutes to share this wonderfulness with you! As we enter the final week of political tom foolery before election day and we continue down the road of American political polarization that will certainly not end once the ballots are counted – let’s please try to remember that “We are Mermaids and we all swim together.”

In addition, as we go about our lives in our jobs, schools, congregations, clubs, societies, or whatever else we are involved in with others – remember that they do not share our experiences and vice versa. There is so much sadness and blame and judgement everyday  – but this very funny lady said a very powerful thing today and I just wanted to pass it on to you – we are in this together. Whether we like each other or agree with each other we have to share this earth. We have to sit next to each other and work together and live on the same streets. Let’s just try to do a little better at understanding one another. If everybody did just a little more then the Mermaids would indeed have a beautiful ocean in which to swim.

Much love, xo



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