Well Here We Are



It takes me some time to formulate thoughts after a thing. I’ve put myself in this position to be a person who comments on the world but I often return to my historically self-defeating attitude in the face of world events and think “why the hell would anyone care what I have to say?” Maybe you don’t but I’m a writer and so I have to do this anyway. Thanks for listening, supporting, and being a part of the conversation. This won’t be perfect. I’ll likely miss some things but here we are and this is how I feel.

1. Our country was always great. It didn’t need to be made great again. Racism, sexism, and bigotry of any kind will not stand – fight against it – but figure out how to do that in a way that you can be proud of.

2.Remember how this feels because the pendulum will eventually swing back in our favor – it always does – if people are being gross, gloating, or otherwise bad winners remember this when you are on their side. Model grace and class. Dr. King, Gandhi, Maya Angelou, Rabbi Heschel, Van Jones, President Obama – they are examples of great change agents who lead with love and there are MANY others like them working everyday. We can do and say all that we need to without filling the world with more anger. Words have power, actions even more so. Be judicious in your fight.

3. Get off social media and get to work. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. Connect in person.

4. We failed. We spent so much time looking over there at “them” that we couldn’t see the truth. What has happened to us is EXACTLY what we accused the other side of. Lesson learned. Get out of the echo chamber. Don’t vilify the other side. Talk to people. Even when we don’t like what they have to say. If we get our side they get theirs too.

<em>And don’t think for a second that I don’t know how much it sucks for the minority voice (meaning minorities and oppressed groups – not that we are in the minority because we WON the popular vote) to ALWAYS have to be the bigger, better, harder fighting voice. It totally sucks. It’s upsetting, it’s unfair, and I don’t know how to fix that. We have to be better – that’s not new – but we have to be.

5. We lost because we weren’t fighting FOR something we were fighting AGAINST him. We’ve got to let our hatred go and find leaders we can get excited for. We’ve got to let go of our anger and resentment. We can’t get what we want from a place of hate – we cannot create a world of loving kindness if we are filled with rage. The law of physics will not allow it.

6. This is a moment in time. There have been millions of moments – some good, a lot bad. It is not the end – it is the beginning. Let’s make it count.

There’s more, lots more, let’s get together and figure it out. Join me in my home, in our community, on social media, and wherever else we need to go. The work has only just begun. We can do this but we have to remember that our democracy only works when we all have a forum for our voices – even the ones that fly in the face of everything we hold dear. Let’s lead with love and fierce determination. We got this. I love you all.

Much love,


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